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Meet Doctor Ed

Palliative and Hospice Expert | Cancer Specialist

Edward T. Creagan, MD, FAAHPM, is a cancer specialist who practiced at the Mayo Clinic for more than forty-one Minnesota winters until he transitioned from active clinical practice in late 2018. He is the first Mayo Clinic consultant board certified in hospice and palliative medicine. (Creagan is pronounced like CRAY-gun.)


Among the professional titles he holds now: Professor Emeritus of Medical Oncology at the Mayo Clinic Medical School, Emeritus Professor of Humanism in Medicine, and Emeritus Consultant in Palliative Medicine.


Dr. Ed (as he is known) received his medical training at New York Medical College and earned graduate degrees in internal medicine and oncology at the University of Michigan and the National Cancer Institute before joining the staff at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.


He was named Outstanding Educator from the Mayo Clinic School of Continuing Medical Education and has received the Distinguished Mayo Clinician Award—Mayo Clinic’s highest honor. He completed an elected term as President of the Mayo Staff.


In 2015, he received the Ellis Island Medal for contributions of descendants of immigrants.

He is the author of over 500 scientific papers and has given more than 1,000 presentations throughout the world, including his home state of New Jersey.


As an accomplished speaker, his presentations to both professional and consumer audiences are notoriously funny yet filled with useful lifestyle information.

An avid marathoner and golfer, father of three sons, and grandfather of two grandsons, Dr. Ed and his wife, Peggy, live with a rescue dog and two rescue cats in Rochester, Minnesota. Ed and Peggy have completed 26 marathons between them. They are a formidable racing couple and usually win their age categories (but as he reminds us, most people in their age category are having hip replacements).

Edward T. Creagan, MD, at piano B.jpg

Dr. Ed practices the piano regularly—a late-in-life hobby—but his piano teacher told him not to quit his day job.

Dr. Ed is available to speak to consumer groups, cancer organizations and nonprofits, corporate wellness events, animal rescue groups and community groups, and professional meetings of healthcare professionals. He speaks on a variety of topics including the healing power of pets, cancer survivorship, health and wellness (The Eight Commandments for Living Long and Living Well, How to Live Long Enough to Cash In Your 401(k)), stress and burnout (especially among healthcare professionals).

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