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He’s called Dr. Ed—that’s Edward T. Creagan, MD, a cancer specialist, the first Mayo Clinic doctor board certified in hospice and palliative medicine.


A welcome keynote speaker on topics ranging from How to Live Long Enough to Cash In Your 401(k) to the Eight Commandments for Living Long and Living Well, Going the Distance (on stress and burnout, especially among healthcare professionals), Resilience: The Art of Cancer Survivorship, and the Healing Power of Pets.


Author of two award-winning books:

  • How Not to Be My Patient: A Physician’s Secrets for Staying Healthy and Surviving Any Diagnosis

  • Farewell: Vital End-of-Life Questions with Candid Answers from a Leading Palliative and Hospice Physician

Books by Dr. Ed


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Dr. Ed has dedicated his life to death. And now this esteemed medical doctor examines death, not only from a medical standpoint, but from an acutely emotional perspective as events beyond our control unfold. For more than forty years, he has been at the bedside with patients, addressing the end-of-life questions patients and their families ask. This book is about navigating those last days, at the bedside, and saying farewell with hope, love, and compassion.

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This book is not just about lifestyle choices, although these are important aspects of Dr. Ed's healthy living plan. It is about using your precious minutes in the exam room (the average doctor visit is about 15 minutes), forging the right kind of relationship with your care providers, and understanding and using the healthcare system—instead of having the system use (and often abuse) you.

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Dr. Ed's Blog

Dr. Ed blogs about end-of-life issues, vital healthcare matters, and how you can be an empowered patient.

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